Welcome to new Green View Resort koh Lipe Website

Welcome to new Green View Resort koh Lipe website.We are uptading new pics and soon new video.

Green View beach Resort is a new entry in Koh Lipe,still the most beautifull place,ever on the island.It’s style is a melting of traditional Thai architecture and modern design.

The use of natural material,and respect for environment are a must here.

Bungalows are made with all eco-material:
bamboo,wood, treas’leafs, earthen tiles and granit.

Our airy bungalow are specially designed to catch the marine breeze.
Bathroom are provided with double water flush toilet for water saving, and septic tank for no polluting. The concept of Green is the core of Greeen View Bech Resort.

All waste are selected and desposed to be recycled.

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